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Top 10 Reasons To Book Lori

Lori is a motivational keynote speaker. This is her passion and it shows. She has been performing, presenting and speaking in front of groups since she was in grade school. She speaks to small and large groups, conferences and corporations to share her message, inspire and empower people to take action.

A consummate professional, detail oriented (from her project management days) she's always on top of her game, ready to entertain, have fun, get the audience engaged and laughing and yet shares deeply moving moments that create "uh-oh" and "aha" moments for all who attend. She is candid, shares her unfiltered views on life and delivers through an open and honest heart. Her love for animals is part of what makes her unique, she is the "Pack Leader for Empowerment."

Bring Lori in as your motivational keynote speaker and you'll get all the credit for planning a successful event people remember that exceeds your expectations. Lori's Programs

Would your life be different if you...

Were comfortable being authentic?

Led your pack with more confidence?

Respect and honor yourself and set boundaries?

Commit to living a healthy lifestyle? (let go of guilt/stress)

Allowed yourself to create flow and balance in work / life?

Believed in yourself 150% no matter what other people think?

Felt empowered to pursue all your dreams?

Lori Gives You:

Walks her talk - there's no BS

Open, honest and authentic

Real life experience, packaged with solid content (no fluff)

Hilarious stories, lots of audience interaction

Sprinkled generously with "uh-oh" and "a-ha" moments

Practical easy to use techniques

True joy and love for helping people

Lori spent twenty-eight years in corporate America. She was a consultant and executive level professional sales person before leaving to pursue her passion and share what she has learned in life to empower women. What Lori shares she's lived, from her long history using bulimia and alcohol to avoid dealing with stress and life, to making the decision to change her life, gain confidence, and empower herself to succeed. She is a role model, mentor and coach who walks her talk and will inspire you to honor yourself, your health and listen to your body.

Lori is the founder of Learn2Balance and Shewolf Press. She spent nearly 30 years in Corporate America navigating experiences that taught her how to create the success she enjoys today as a business owner, leader and passionate human being. She brings a wealth and variety of experience as a professional working woman in management and sales roles at large corporations, small companies to coaching clients one-on-one on how to become better leaders, create flow, improve their gut health, mind-body connection and embrace a lifestyle that fuels them. Lori's Programs
Since the age of four years old Lori has been entertaining people. Singing, making them laugh and feeding them with thoughts to ponder—and make them wonder—about her. Lori is a great teller of stories and audiences love her candor, openness, warped sense of humor and authenticity. She shares stories that would make other people blush, just to get her point across. Your audience will remember her presentation! Lori's Programs
No matter what the topic of her speech, Lori adds a few tips, tools or techniques that everyone in the audience can relate to and use. Attendees always comment on how they were able to apply the tips right away. Lori's Programs
Lori will create a Learn2Balance Experience. She will donate up to 90 minutes of her time for six private coaching sessions after her speech. She will make time for Q&A, stay afterwards to autograph books, take pictures and offers numerous ways for the audience to stay engaged with her and continue learning. Lori's Programs
Lori will schedule a call with meeting planners up front to gain an understanding of the event. What your goals are, who will be attending, what your theme is and how and what you need her to do to accomplish your goals for the event. She speaks from the heart and every presentation will be customized for YOU. Lori's Programs
If your event is better served by a workshop, or you'd like to add a breakout session in addition to her keynote, Lori is happy to create a multi-session package that integrates seamlessly with your event in addition to her keynote program. What this means to you is, spending less money on another speaker, less travel expense and less details to manage. Take advantage of savings and be more effective. Lori's Programs
As a small business owner with a long history of serving clients in large businesses Lori understands the importance of customer service and creating long-term client relationships. She believes in over-delivering on your investment in her...EVERYTIME. There's no drama, diva or high demandsworking with her.. Lori and her team will do everything to make your engagement easy and effortless. Lori's Programs
When you hire Lori you will get a dynamo in a small package. She is a passionate person who loves her work. Speaking to audiences energizes her. She has a great attitude, loves life and thrives on watching people shift their beliefs, attitudes and empower themselves for success. She'll add spunk and sprinkle flavor on your event whether she delivers the opening or closing program. Lori's Programs

Lori has been a musician since the ripe old age of four. Her mother was a music teacher. She played violin and saxophone by desire, piano by duress and sings because she enjoys it. In her teens (a-hem a little while ago) she traveled internationally with the Continental Singers touring the US, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. In recent years, she wrote lyrics, melodies and recorded a full CD of original alternative rock music. So...there's that. Lori's Programs

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