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Meet my new best friend Bubba!

It sounds a bit funny, I know. Midwestern/western girl involved with and crazy about an unsuspecting southern boy named Bubba. But it's happened. And what a great time of year to meet someone, right before the new year. This way I can start off the new year totally committed to my new relationship and enjoy all the benefits. Read More

Stress Relief Corner

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Set Small Steps to
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Is there something you really want to do this year. I mean really want to do? What is your plan of attack for getting there?
Don't bother with New Year's resolutions, that's like using the words "I'll try" which tells you that you're prepared to fail.
Set a goal. But don't just set a goal. Break your goal down into smaller steps that you can easily accomplish. Daily, weekly or monthly steps work great.
Read your goals daily to keep them top of mind.. Be on the lookout for things that will help you accomplish your goal(s).  I call it synchronicity...and I love the way it feels.  How about you?
If you need help with your goals, I'm here to help.

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This is a great way to stay connected and committed to your health. Join us for a fun and informative New Year!

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Issue: #32
Dear Sasha,
I love this time of year. A time to reflect, a time to plan, create new dreams or expand the ones you have and set goals and intentions for reaching them in the new year. It always feels like a new lease to me and I love starting over with a clean slate (or white board). It's almost like the New Year gives us a mulligan (golf term for do-over) fore (oops Freudian slip) those things we intended to do last year and didn't quite accomplish.

It's was a busy year for Learn2Balance. I traveled all over the US to speak at colleges, conferences, corporations and associations. Everyday more people are waking up to the realization that they need more balance in life. That's a beautiful thing! I love having the opportunity to help people turn off the auto-pilot switch and discover the benefits of living consciously--making conscious choices. It reduces stress and brings hope, better health and a more rewarding lifestyle. Because I'm in the business of planting seeds I know that everyone adapts and makes changes in their life at their own pace.


But now that it's the New Year, I hope that each of you will take the time to contemplate your life and make some important decisions about what you want to change, improve and accomplish this year.

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We've got some fun and exciting things to share with you. Let's get to it.
Sasha's Story




Sasha is in love with winter. I keep saying I need to get a sled. When we have several inches of snow and head out for our walk, all she wants to do is run and here I am all bundled up and in Sorel boots. It must be quite a site for the neighbors, the bundled up cold woman who's not a fan of winter and the Malamute.


And yes, after living here in Denver for 16 years, I knew what I was signing up for when I moved back after four years in So Cal, but...


What intrigues me is that Sasha has mastered the ability to get me out on a walk in the cold. Even one day when it was in single digits! Her method?

#1 persistence
#2 the level of excitement she shows when I walk anywhere near the closet where her leash is.

Ever notice how irresistible excitement and upbeat attitudes are? How can I say no when she's excited about doing the most favorite thing in her day (outside of belly rubs). So remember, when you really want to do something and want to...ahem influence someone try using excitement, passion and and upbeat attitude vs whining, bitching, crying and complaining. As always great life lesson from Sasha.

Use your vision to reach new heights

I remember too well. The year I decided to set a goal to put central air conditioning in my home. I was tired of roasting uncomfortably in my second floor bedroom in the summer. It was one of many I set that year. I always make sure my goals include soemthing for every aspect of my life: financial, relationships, recreation, physical (health), career/school, social and spiritual.


I started creating vision boards before the internet was an easy source for images. We used to collect magazines and cut out pictures back in those days. I found a picture of a refrigerator to represent the A/C I wanted to add. I also had a new relationship at the time, and found a pair of his and hers watches to represent spending more time with him. I added both of these pictures to my vision board which I posted on my closet door where it was easy to see everyday. I added in some belief that I could have it, and in fact deserved it (to shake off early childhood programming) and at the end of the year I had central A/C and my boyfriend had moved to live closer to me.


I've had some incredible results in my life by using this process every year. It's a big January 1st activity for me. It can be something tangible, or intangible that you wish to create or achieve. The purpose of the vision board is to help your see and experience what you want and make it real. By putting your focus on what you want and making it real, you allow the result to come to you. That's the 50,000 foot explanation. Your imagination is one of the biggest gifts you have - how often do you use yours?


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In Closing,
In an effort to help each one of you calm the chaos, bring more balance, hope and happiness into your life, we're putting together new tele-classes that will start in January with lots of valuable information and coaching to help you set and achieve the goals you want to reach this year.

Mark your calendars and tell your girlfriends! We're planning our spring Women's Retreat in the Rockies, for April 27-29. You won't want to miss this incredible weekend.
Many blessings and best wishes to you for a Happy New Year!

Coach Lori

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