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Strategies for Success
MasterMind Coaching Program
Create Outrageous Success in 2014

Program Benefits

One Powerful Group MasterMind Session (value $497)

Kickstart 2015 with a private, strategic brainstorming session with other like-minded women who are committed to creating outrageous success in 2015.

Raise the bar by challenging each other to create and implement goals by brainstorming ideas that you wouldn't have thought of so quickly on your own.

Leave with immediate feedback on challenges you're facint (business and/or personal).

Contemplate your strategies for success from the conservative to the outrageous!

Create synergy and jump start your plans to: grow business by "x", add "x" new clients, make "x" money, increase productivity by "x", bring wellness to the workplace and...

Create the abundance you desire which creates new opportunities.

Three Individual Coaching Sessions (value $450)

Take action and be accountable for implementing ideas from your MasterMind Session.

Eliminate procrastination - create a manageable/measurable timeline to reach your goals.

Commit to your next steps and get outside guidance to keep you moving forward.

Improve weaker skills and balance your productivity so you lead the pack confidently.

Coaching Package Value $947
+ Bonuses/Gifts............... $669
Total Package Value---- $1,616

Your Investment only $497

What if by participating...
You got one new client?
One new great idea?
A solution to a big challenge you're facing?
Wouldn't that be worth your investment?



Bonuses and Free Gifts (value $669)
(Tools for Success)

1. Rock Your Mindset DVD (Value $197)

2. Rock Your Passion DVD (Value $197)

3. 5 Balance for Busy Women Interview CDs & Tips (Value $125)

4. Wellness Assessment (Value $150)
(Building a balanced foundation for success)


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