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Holistic Nutritional Coach

Are You...

  • Tired of not losing the extra weight you're carrying?
  • Lethargic, worn out?
  • A sugar addict - can't live without it?
  • Bloated and feeling indigestion when you eat?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Lacking an active lobido?
  • interested in improving your nutritional health, eating healthier and being a better role model for your family?
  • Suffering the effects of multiple sinus infections, yeast infections, ear infections and taking multiple doses of antibiotics
  • Emotional, over-sensitive, depressed, missing your ability to focus?


It's time to reset your nutritional GPS!

Ask about Lori's 21-Day Cleanse!

A Unique Cleanse Approach

The gut is your epi-center for disease or health, on this cleanse you will:

  • Use herbal supplements flush toxins away
  • Participate in one-on-one sessions to deal with your emotional "stuff" that comes up during the cleanse
  • Identify foods that are toxic for you
  • Connect with your body and learn to listen to the messages it sends to you
  • Regain control over cravings
  • Sleep better
  • Have accountability and encouragement you need to succeed
  • Get a boost of energy and vitality
  • Remember what it's like to feel terrific!

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Nutritional Assessment

  • Test the balance of your brain chemistry
  • Improve your moods by refueling your brain (a depleted brain doesn't function as expected)
  • Sync your brain and body chemistry for maximum performance

Ask about our Nutritional Assessment. When you're brain and body chemistry are in balance, you'll reduce your over-emotional and over-sensitive moods, improve your focus, sleep better, reduce your card cravings, eliminate snapping under stress and improve your ability to deal with life and situations with objectivity, resilience and feel more "sane" in the process.

Lori studies include amino acid therapy with Julia Ross and works with Dr. Tim Kuss, pioneers in the nutritional therapy field. Combining amino acid therapy with whole foods and herbal supplements Learn2Balance protocols and programs will give you the boost you need to function at your optimum level and thrive in your business and life.

Learn2Balance programs are not covered by insurance.

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Client Success Stories

“I found Lori’s cleanse and our coaching discussion more beneficial than any therapy I’ve ever done. She get’s it! What she says makes me want to do it – take action. Now get that I need to focus on myself and when I do that it helps the whole family.“  - Rachael Owens, CO

"I had been sick with an ongoing cold that would not go away. I signed up for coaching sessions with Lori. I don't think that I had been more tired or worn out.After a few weeks of following the nutritional plan and taking supplements to help me rebuild my tired body, I felt like my happy glow was starting to come back. For the first time in probably 5 years, I started to feel like myself again. I learned that I, like most Americans, was probably addicted to sugar. I had really started paying attention to labels on foods and was flabbergasted to see how much added sugar was in foods that really shouldn't have it. I wanted to lose more weight and decided to cleanse my gut from all the fast food I had eaten.

After my first week on the cleanse and my cravings started to subside. I learned how to find fast and healthy options on the go. My taste for food started to change. Now I’m down a size and have been pulling out old clothes that I haven't worn in a couple of years! While I still encounter stressful situations at work, I feel like I have the energy and enthusiasm to meet them." - Bethany, CO

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