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Holistic Nutritional Coach

Do You Feel

  • Incognito without coffee?
  • Tired of being consumed by food - unconsciously?
  • Lethargic, worn out?
  • Addicted to sugar / cravings?
  • Unhappy with your weight?
  • Bloated and up a few pounds?
  • Dealing with Candida overgrowth?
  • Ready to do anything to feel better?

Time to reset your nutritional GPS!

Ask about Lori's 21-Day Cleanse!

A Uniaue Cleanse Approach

  • Your gut is your epi-center for disease or health
  • Use herbal supplements to flush toxins away
  • Identify foods that are toxic for you
  • Get a boost of energy and vitality
  • Connect with your body and learn to listen to the messages it sends to you
  • Drop a few pounds and feel terrific
  • A happy gut makes for a happy body!

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Holistic Nutritional Coaching Benefits We Offer:

  • Proven, structured holistic nutritional program.
  • Enjoy rapid results by following your personally designed nutritional plan.
  • Feel energized, improve your focus and motivation.
  • Program teaches you how to follow a balanced lifestyle that is easy to maintain (no diets!).
  • Sleep better, wake feeling rested.
  • Enlist an accountability partner that will be your cheerleader who empowers you reach your goals.
  • Option of five (5) or ten (10) session packages customized to your needs.

Client Cleanse Success Story

"I had been sick with an ongoing cold that would not go away. I signed up for coaching sessions with Lori. I don't think that I had been more tired or worn out.After a few weeks of following the nutritional plan and taking supplements to help me rebuild my tired body, I felt like my happy glow was starting to come back. For the first time in probably 5 years, I started to feel like myself again. I learned that I, like most Americans, was probably addicted to sugar. I had really started paying attention to labels on foods and was flabbergasted to see how much added sugar was in foods that really shouldn't have it. I wanted to lose more weight and decided to cleanse my gut from all the fast food I had eaten.

After my first week on the cleanse and my cravings started to subside. I learned how to find fast and healthy options on the go. My taste for food started to change. Now I’m down a size and have been pulling out old clothes that I haven't worn in a couple of years! While I still encounter stressful situations at work, I feel like I have the energy and enthusiasm to meet them." - Bethany, CO

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