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Nutritional Coach

Your Life Coach with a Holistic Approach

Are you:

  • Incognito without coffee?
  • Tired of being controlled by food/sugar cravings?
  • Lethargic, worn out?
  • Unhappy with your weight?
  • Sick of being sick all the time?
  • Ready for a healthier--holistic lifestyle?

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Are you struggling under the weight of your lifestyle?

Is this your story?

  • Embarrassed about letting yourself go?
  • Suffering from high blood pressure?
  • Type II diabetic?
  • Frustrated because there's always have something "wrong" with you?
  • Crazy cravings for carbs, sugar or salty foods?
  • Heart palpitations, headaches, anxiety attacks, numbness, pain?
  • Can't get motivated?
  • Stressed out from your physical health?


You need to reset your nutritional GPS!

Benefits We Offer:

  • Proven, structured holistic nutritional program
  • You'll see rapid results by following your personally customized nutritional plan.
  • Feel energized, improve your focus and motivation when you rebalance body and brain chemistry. Lori's special sauce.
  • With alternative programs healing is at the cellular level.
  • Program is focused on creating healthy, balanced lifestyle you can maintain.
  • Sleep better, wake feeling rested.
  • Lose weight as a result of improving your lifestyle, instead of focusing on it.
  • Feel and be in control.
  • An accountability partner that will be your cheerleader and help you reach your goals
  • Teach you how to view food as FUEL and fill your tank with high-grade fuel that your body needs and thrives on
  • Above all we offer hope, happiness, renewed energy and a zest for life!


"I contacted Coach Lori for help after I got my third DUI. I was going through a very messy divorce from an abusive husband and my first few meetings at AA told me that it wasn't going to help me. I knew about the work Lori was doing and her ability to change people's lives so I called and asked if she could help me.

Lori first taught me about the link between diet, nutrition and sugar sensitivity and how this plays into alcoholism. Much to my surprise I gave up sugar in less than two weeks which significantly helped to eliminate my cravings for alcohol. With the nutritional supplements and her keeping on me to plan and eat balanced meals I had a foundation to work from toward recovery."
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Nutritional Assessment
Are you one of the millions of people going through life with chronic pain, suffering from symptoms you can't find answers to? Do you crave certain foods, drink too much, suiffer insomnia?

Diet and nutrition are the foundation—of everything!

Most Americans are conditioned to eat what's convenient and tastes good, consume too much sugar and processed foods and drink caffeine and soda all day. They don't stop to contemplate what their body needs in the fuel tank to keep them healthy and feeling great.

asmtch Package Includes:
  • Personal History Questionnaire
  • Individual Nutritional Assessment & Analysis
  • Five (5) one-hour coaching sessions
  • FREE 30 day trial membership in Balance for Busy Women Community
"After this coaching program you'll know how what you eat affects you, why you haven't succeeded in the past, where your cravings are coming from, how to easily plan your meals and feel in control. Your attitude and outlook on life will improve dramatically and you will enjoy better health, feeling energized, and have the foundtion for living life passionately." - Coach Lori
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