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Coaching Programs

Performance Coaching for Female Executives and Business Owners

Mindset, Nutrition, Strategy

Coach Lori offers exclusive programs for female executives and business owners. She developed her programs based on her independent research with hundreds of professional women and her personal experience of over 30 years in Corporate America. Her Performance Coaching is like nothing else you've experienced. Much more than a life or business coach Lori incorporates holistic nutrition, to build a solid foundation (just like your house) and helps you shift your mindset, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs to create an environment where you can thrive.

Clients who work with Lori will tell you she is a caring, compassionate and intuitive coach who helps you set goals, holds you accountable and pushes you to dream BIG and be your BEST. Lori's clients always comment on how "she gets it"and brings a refreshing and positive perspective to their challenges and opportunities whether it's personal, business strategy.

Experience Performance Coaching for yourself. Coach Lori offers one complimentary session before you enroll as a client. You'll leave the session with a specific goals and guidance you can apply right away.

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The results of Performance Coaching are transformational! But transformation takes time, practice and preparation. Most clients start with our colon cleanse, it will clear out toxins, shift your energy and launch you toward success.

Holistic 21-Day Colon Cleanse and Coaching
Clients come to Lori for help to balance their diet and eliminate cravings, lose weight, get more energy and feel better. Most clients start with Lori's 21-day cleanse to improve gut health, boost their immune system and restore energy. Lori's unique approach to a gut cleanse builds in accountability and encouragement to keep you on track with weekly coaching sessions.

Afterwards you'll understand how to plan and follow a healthier lifestyle without feeling deprived.

21 Day Cleanse
"Lori's cleanse program was life-changing!
I cleansed my body, my mind and my soul. My cravings are gone, my skin is clear and I'm working out again. This was way more than just a "gut" cleanse. Through our coaching sessions I learned so much about myself. I highly recommend it!"

- Tami, California

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Performance Coach
As a female executive or business owner you face many challenges in your day-to-day life. You're trying to fit it all in, lead the "pack" with confidence and be resourceful to deal with challenges and opportunities and create space to take care of yourself! It causes stress, excitement, fulfillment and burn out.

Coach Lori teaches you techniques to unclutter your life, find your voice and get what you want. She integrates holistic nutrition to build a solid foundation for success.

"Coach Lori provided me with valuable tools and techniques to assist me in getting out of my own way on my journey. She shared tremendous insights and asked many powerful questions that challenged me to grow and stretch making real progress towards my goals. My confidence has grown since I have been working with Lori. What a difference - I am truly grateful." - Anonymous, Denver

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