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It Started with P-Tarts It Started With Pop-Tarts
Moms CHpice Award Honoring Excellenceby Lori Hanson (Paperback)

It Started With Pop-Tarts®... at the age of 14. Lori Hanson struggled with bulimia for 34 years. Her expertise comes from life experience. After a bout with counseling in her twenties, Hanson looked for ways to heal on her own. She discovered the power of the sub-conscious mind and her alternative/holistic path to recovery and healing began. This book is written to provide inspiration for individuals who struggle with eating disorders and to enlighten loved ones to the depths of this obsession. Hanson shared her five strategies (now called Hot Pastry PrinciplesTM) for recovery.

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"An inspiring story of using intention, the law of attraction, energy work and body work to overcome a severe eating disorder. It is a wonderful example of the new paradigm that is emerging in the arena of health."

Jack Canfield
Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Body and Soul® and The Success Principles; featured teacher in The Secret

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STRESS Survival Kit for the Alpha Female
by Lori Hanson (Paperback)

The Stress Survival Kit™ for the Alpha Female is an entertaining yet practical guide for the overstretched, overcommitted, take-charge female. Blending traits of the alpha female wolf with her human counterpart, this book inspires you to lead-not by emulating masculine behavior-but by incorporating your feminine strengths and being authentic.

The second in the Stress Survival Kit™ Series, this book is packed with powerful, easy to apply tools for dealing with the stress of day-to-day life. It's a great reference guide you will return to daily for inspiration, techniques and affirmations. Each topic has a tool kit; everything you need to keep you B.A.L.A.N.C.E.D.


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"I love this book! Easy to read and packed with ideas to lead a stress free life. I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Lori Hanson and admire her passion to show us woman an easy approach to being the Alpha female. Lori's advice is contagious enough to make you pull out a notebook and pen, even as you read."
--Dawn Gallagher, author of Nature's Beauty Secrets

“If we successfully manage ourselves, we can successfully manage and navigate all the areas of our lives, thus alleviating a lot of stress. The Stress Survival Kit for the Alpha Female is a great tool to use to help create your self management plan. Two thumbs up!”
--Donna Evans, President & CEO, Colorado Women's Chamber of Commerce& Women's Leadership Foundation

“Success is predictable if you know what determines it. This book offers some valuable insights that will challenge you to leap beyond your current comfort level and stand up and be heard. If you want to strengthen your life and your effectiveness overall, you’ll discover a great friend in this book. You’ll probably want to recommend it to all your female friends.“
--Jim Britt, 13 times best-selling author


It Started with P-Tarts STRESS Survival Kit for College Students
by Lori Hanson (Paperback)

Stress Survival Kit™ for College Students is short and packed with powerful yet easy to use tools and techniques for dealing with the stress of college life. This reference guide is one you will refer to often to reduce stress, get you unstuck and back on track.

Each topic has a toolkit:


Paperback $12.95
eBook $10

“Lori taught me how to cope with life. She showed me how to be calm and let things happen.” -Heather

“I liked the various tips Lori gave. These techniques will be very helpful to relieve all the stress I feel on a daily basis.” -Joe

“Lori knows what she is talking about and has a way to open people’s eyes to reality.” -Raelyn


It Started with P-Tarts Teen Secrets to Surviving & THRIVING
by Lori Hanson (Paperback)

Are you stressed out from school, SATs your schedule, after-school activities, relationships and pressure to perform? Is it hard to talk to your parents and teachers about it? You need to read this book!

Teen Secrets to Surviving & THRIVING is a practical, upbeat, down-to-earth guide that is a quick read for teens to help them navigate their teenage years with confidence. The author packs this short book full of great stories, humor and addresses serious issues in a positive and encouraging fashion. Hanson’s Hot Pastry Principles provide teens with easy to use tools to “deal with stress and frustration, communicate with confidence, believe in yourself and enjoy your life everyday.


Paperback $12.95
eBook $10

“One of the 50 Best Books for Teens and Tweens!" - RadicalParenting.com

"Very insightful into teenage life. Thank you, Lori." - Estelle, A., age 16

"I like how this book is written like Lori is talking to me face to face."
- Taylor M., age 13

"I like how you actually give ways of helping the problem instead of just identifying it." - Doug H., age 19

Audio Books
It Started with P-Tarts It Started With Pop-Tarts
by Lori Hanson (Audio Book)

In this audio book Lori tells her story personally, in her voice. This beautiful audio book
includes brief samples of Lori singing the music behind the lyrics she wrote.

Listen to an excerpt
Chapter 12 - Acupuncture & Meditation

Audio Book $24.95

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