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STRESS Survival Kit for College Students $57
Discover a Real, Proven Method for Keeping Your Son or Daughter Healthy, Happy, Stress-free, and Safer When They Go Off to College.

If you are even remotely interested in helping your son or daughter transition from home, through college, and into independence, confidently, successfully, and stress-free–while remaining healthy and stress-free yourself—then this is for you.

of college students say they feel stressed or anxious every single day. With a percentage so high, the odds are your son or daughter may be among those suffering. The stress comes worrying about their studies, schedules, grades, internships, and future. Even worse, most students don’t know how to deal with their stress in a healthy way. This means they’re susceptible to developing unhealthy coping habits like drinking, smoking, partying, poor eating, and even worse.

Right now, with this kit, you can help your son or daughter deal with the stress of school, grades, schedules, exams and the future. You can help him or her learn lifelong skills in managing anxiety and expectations and succeeding in life. With the temptation for kids to “numb out” to stress with excessive drinking, drug use, skipping meals, binging, or purging, you as parent, can’t assume your child has everything under control. With so much at stake, you have to give them every possible chance for happiness and balance. 

That’s why I created the Stress Survival Kit for Students.

  • This package will help whether you prefer to learn by reading, listening or actively participating.
  • Transcript of Survival Kit for College Students
  • Audio CDs read by Lori (great for listening on your iPod!)
  • DVD of Lori's Stress Survival Kit for College Students workshop
  • You will also receive FREE gifts just for placing your order. (See right panel)

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