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Systems of Control Shewolf

As part of her recovery, Lori re-discovered her creative side. A talented lyricist and singer she co-wrote and recorded the CD "Systems of Control" set for release in 2010. Lori's lyrics encompass many parts of her journey and incorporate many forms of "control" and her ultimate rise to victory.

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The 3 Song Sampler is a teaser of songs Lori performs when she speaks. The entire CD will be available later this year. This CD contains My Drug, Strong and her speaking audience favorite Sexy Little Shoes.


Individual Songs
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My Drug

CD Thumbnail Strong
CD Thumbnail Down Time
CD Thumbnail Insomniac
CD Thumbnail Sexy Little Shoes
CD Thumbnail Up Above the Clouds
CD Thumbnail They're Watching You
CD Thumbnail What You Thinkin?
CD Thumbnail Never Thought
CD Thumbnail Restless

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