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Personal Power Jewelry
Jewelry for Girls
The Personal Power Jewelry started out as a necklace for teen girls. I wanted something special to share when I spoke with young girls to give them a regular boost of encouragement and inspiration. But when I connected with jewelry designer Janet Nelson, my design took on an unexpected elegance that women of all ages love. Each necklace comes with a message (see below) that reminds them to live from their heart and not their head.

I always carry a few necklaces with me and many women (and men) buy them on the spot because they feel a strong connection to the power of the hematite and the simplicity of the style. The next thing I knew clients were asking for matching earrings and bracelets! We have added two different earring styles and an ankle bracelet and now have the "Personal Power Trio".

Created with love to remind you to live from your heart, not your head.
Wear this jewelry and embrace YOUR personal power!
- Lori Hanson
"Hematite increases courage & strength. This stone's inner circle represents balance and freedom. The heart reminds you to live from your heart - not your head. Wear it & embrace your personal power!"
- Lori Hanson

The Personal Power Necklace is made with a hematite stone and light weight leather cord. 15" length extends to 18" with chain. A small hematite heart hangs from the end of the chain. Perfect for all ages!

This necklace was designed in
collaboration with jewelry designer Janet Nelson of Stix and Stones.
The inspiration, energy and connection between
Lori and Janet brought it to life.

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Only $21.95

Heart Earrings

The Personal Power Heart Earrings are made with hematite hearts to match the necklace and ankle bracelet. Another reminder to live from your heart, whether life has you up or down!

Only $12.95

Connector Earrings

The Personal Power Connector Earrings are made with hematite and a connector that matches the necklace. A reminder to stay grounded and connected to your heart.

Only $12.95

Personal Power Duos
Package 1 - Personal Power "Heart" Duo
Includes Necklace, Heart Earrings

$30 for the set

Package 2 - Personal Power "Connector" Duo
Includes Necklace, Connector Earrings

$30 for the set

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