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High Performance Strategies for Serious Success
“Give me 60 to 90 minutes and I’ll inspire your students to be their best, live in the moment and create success.” - Lori Hanson

When keynote speaker Lori Hanson speaks, college students, faculty and parents–people just like you immediately become aware of the critical need for balance in their lives to find success. She provides relief through easy-to-use techniques and makes the process fun.

This entertaining and hilarious keynote college speaker combines stories, and life experiences to inspire students to get empowered, embrace life and and live consciously. Lori's dynamic energy and entertaining style is always a hit with college audiences.

Lori inspires students to reduce stress and live their dream!

Ask about creating a "Learn2Balance experience" when you bring Lori to your campus. Make a lasting impression on your students with her "Learn2Balance experience". Lori includes 90 minutes of coaching sessions for students after her program, or includes her "I've Got the Power" women's empowerment workshop or a "Rock Your Mindset" healthy body/food relationship session.

Ask about her volume book discounts and bring the Stress Survival Kit for College Students™ to your campus to help your students cope in healthy ways.

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College Programs

ANYTHING is possible: Once you upgrade your operating system

Are you living by the same principles and beliefs you were taught as a child? Early programming can weight you down and make it feel impossible to reach your dreams. Get the inspiration and tools needed to shift your life and mindset to achieve anything you want to. When you believe—anything is possible.
45-90 minutes.

Your Students Will Learn:

  • Three words that hold you back from reaching your goals
  • The 3-step process to upgrade your operating system
  • The secret ingredient to having confidence, success and passion

A highly inspirational keynote program for leadership events, college programs, sorority/fraternity conferences.

B. A. L. A. N. C. E. — Find out where it is for ME

Aretha was great at asking for r.e.s.p.e.c.t. But college students may find themselves asking for balance – just a little, which can be the difference in leading a healthy, content college life.  The demands of college make it difficult to maintain any sort of balance because of all the commitments required with extracurricular activities and sports. One of the biggest issues is managing priorities. Is it school work, hanging with friends, sports and practice or organizing the community event that needs your attention? Lori gets you laughing, and shows you how to get more satisfaction in your life.
45-90 minutes

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • Easy process to define and prioritize daily roles
  • The secrets to navigating insanity and putting yourself on the list
  • 7 ingredients to shift from overwhelmed to calm without food, alcohol or screaming

This keynote is a best served for college events where balance, laughter and inspiration are required.

Behind the Whispers:
The Secret Life of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have reached epidemic levels. Kids as young as six and seven years old are being diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. 85% of eating disorders start between the ages of 13-20. And for many college students when it manifests it can take you downhill quickly. Too many students are ignoring the hard cold facts that they are permanently damaging their bodies and headed to an early grave if they continue on this path. Bulimia survivor, eating disorder coach and founder of The COEDS Project, Coach Lori shares insights to help college students, faculty and parents understand why eating disorders are so difficult to overcome, why we cannot ignore this issue and makes it easier to digest.

Your Students Will Learn:

  • What is behind the epidemic of eating disorders and why we can't ignore it
  • The cold hard facts about the impact to your body from anorexia/bulimia
  • How alternative forms of treatments that are helping students recover
  • Why eating disorders and alcohol are a deadly combination

This keynote is a powerful program for eating disorder awareness week/events where you want to make an impact and motivate action on your college campus. It is best served with one of her women's empowerment workshops or feeling beautiful seminars.

It Started With Pop-Tarts®...
Bulimia and Back

Over 30% of college students suffer with eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits which can haunt you for life—and even shorten it. After 30 years of battling bulimia, Lori finally figured it out, overcame her negative thought patterns and reconnected her mind and body. She delivers her message with humor to make it easier to digest. Lori openly shares her personal story of her long journey to freedom from bulimia and low self-esteem and how she found victory over her obsession with food, alcohol and her body. This program is filled with passion, reality and encouragement.
45-90 minutes

Your Students Will Learn:

  • What behavior to watch for to spot an eating disorder in a friend
  • How to help a friend (what to say and what NOT to say)
  • The ingredients to help you accept yourself and your body—regardless of the package you’re in

This is a powerful keynote program for eating disorder awareness events. Lori combines her story with practical tips for all audience members to improve their perspective. You can also include her Feeling Beautiful seminar or women's empowerment workshop when she comes to campus.


Living on Ramen and Redbull:
Stress Survival Kit™ for College Students

Are you drowning under the load and pressure of everyday college life: classes, studying, sports, work, relationships, and fraternity/sorority/ extracurricular responsibilities? How do you get it all done and stay sane? Do you subscribe to the “I can sleep when I die” club? Author of the Stress Survival Kit for College Students, Lori gives you easy ways to reduce stress, balance your schedule, sleep better, feel energized, and enjoy college.
45-90 minutes.

Your Students Will Learn:

  • Is it worth it? The real benefits of improving your lifestyle habits
  • Practical tips for improving energy, changing your mood and outlook
  • Keys to eliminating insomnia and turning off your "worry motor"

This keynote is a best added to the menu for wellness events, conferences and other programs where you need a new ingredient to inspire your students.

All speeches are customized for the audience and event.

Partial Client List

  • Antelope Valley College
  • Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors Conference (AFA)
  • Associate of Fraternal Leadership & Value Conferences (AFLV)
  • Cal Poly
  • Denison University
  • Florida State University
  • Illinois Wesleyan University
  • Loyola University of Chicago
  • Metro State College of Denver
  • Michigan Technical University
  • Pierce College
  • Salisbury University
  • Southern Panhellenic Conference (SEPC)
  • University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  • University of Southern Indiana
  • University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

"Lori connects with her audience by using straight talk and directly addressing complicated challenges that young people face. Lori's story of dealing powerfully with her recovery will leave everyone in the room inspired to tackle the toughest self development objectives in their life with confidence. She offers strategies for dealing with the intense stresses of being in school, that leave any student better prepared to succeed in education."

Drew Johnson
Student, Chancellors Leadership Class
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

IFC President on Lori's "Ode to Stress Speech" at AFLV

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“Lori’s advice about the importance of good eating and sleeping habits really helps students think about the connection between their energy levels and accomplishments and the way they treat their bodies. Her willingness to sit down with students in one-on-one consultations puts students at ease and allows them to talk about their needs and concerns with much less anxiety.”

Michigan Technological University

"All college students are stressed, and Lori does a great job emphasizing the importance of slowing down, as well as sharing her experience with eating disorders with college women who are battling the same issues."

Emily Storms
Student, Loyola University Chicago

"I never really thought that much about how and what I eat. With her humorous approach Lori opened my eyes to see that as a student and as a college athlete, I owe it to myself to adopt a better lifestyle including balanced meals, more sleep and limiting soda and alcohol."

University, Southern Indiana

"Lori grabbed our attention with her humor and singing. She packaged her message in a way
that we totally related to and enjoyed."

Sean Bevil
Chief of Staff, Student Government
Florida State University

Associate Director of Women's Programs
on Lori's seminars at
Metro State College of Denver

"Our students really enjoyed Lori's openness and how she shared healthy tips for everyone as part of her speech on eating disorder awareness."

Sara Peters
Women's Center Director

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

"Lori speaks candidly, humorously and from the heart about her life experiences and recovery from bulimia. There is a great need for what Lori has to offer and her passion for helping students is infectious."

George N. Suel Jr. Ed.D.
Adjunct Instructor, Antelope Valley College

"Lori is a great story teller and motivational speaker! I highly recommend her for eating disorder programs.

I was extremely impressed by how well she performed under pressure. Even though she had travel issues that affected the program’s start time, you would never have known it. Her energy and attitude throughout the process were great."

Siobhan McDaniel
MSW Intern, Salisbury University

"Any advisor who truly cares about helping their students needs to book my friend Lori Hanson. Her message is one that positively influences students!"

James Malinchak
"Two-Time College Speaker of the Year"
Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the College Soul

"Lori delivered laughter, entertainment and thought provoking messages to our teen girls at the Strive forStrength Annual Retreat. She's a dynamic speaker and changing lives daily... Two thumbs up!"

Julie Ota
Co-Founder, Strive for Strength


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"What I liked most about Lori's speech was that she showed me that I'm not the only one that struggles with food. She inspired me to better myself."

Strive for Strength

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