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Integrating Work/Life Success
Lori helps women integrate work/life success that is guilt-free and feels good

Women's Speaker on Success with Work / Life Balance

If you want to inspire women to integrate success into their work and life you need motivational speaker Lori Hanson! She adds flavors that spice up your event. Make a lasting impression that your attendees will take action on and remember.

Lori teaches women techniques to boost confidence, breakthrough barriers, reduce stress, lead their "pack" confidently, get the results they really want and live in "flow." She integrates holistic nutrition with a twist to build a solid foundation for success.

Lori is on top of her game, ready to entertain, have fun, get the audience engaged and laughing and yet shares deeply moving moments that create "uh-oh" and "aha" moments for all who attend. She is candid, shares her unfiltered views on life and delivers through an open and honest heart. Her love for animals is part of what makes her unique, she is the "Pack Leader for Empowerment."

Her programs are perfect for conference keynotes, women's conferences, health care professionals, annual sales and management meetings.

“Give me 60 to 90 minutes and I’ll inspire your audience to break the barriers,
lead confidently and pursue all their dreams.” - Lori Hanson

top 10 reasons to book Lori


Here's what you need if you are pitching Lori as a keynote speaker for your upcoming event.

We've prepared these documents to make it easy for busy meeting and event planners to download and print the materials you need to present Lori as the keynote speaker for your next event.

Download Video Links:

Keeping Balance in this Crazy Life
Lori speaking for Soroptomist's Women's Luncheon, Glendale, CA
(8:34 mins)

Visit Lori's YouTube Channel for more video.

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After You Book

Here's what you'll need now that you've booked Lori.

Documents for downloading:

AV Requirements:

  • Lavalier or wireless microphone
  • Projector (Lori brings her own laptop)
  • Table or podium for laptop (Lori will bring her remote)
  • Audio/CD Player (if Lori is singing for your event)
  • Flip Chart (seminars/workshops only)

Other Requirements:

  • 6-8' table set up at room entrance or in hallway outside event room
  • Bottled water at podium

Product Volume Discounts:
Now that you've booked Lori to speak for your event. You are entitled to receive volume discounts on her books, personal power jewelry (designed by Lori) and additional continuing education products for your attendees.

Email us to get details on volume discounts and add Lori's books in your registration packet or as give aways for conference attendees.

Pre and Post-Event Articles:
Lori will provide articles for you to print in your company, or conference newsletter prior to her presentation, and again as a follow up to her speech. These articles help to reinforce her message and provide attendees with additional tips and techniques as they embrace empowerment and balance.


"The knowledge, information, and enthusiasm you shared really inspired us to find guilt-free balance in this crazy lifestyle we certainly all live."

Liz Mirzaian, Soroptomist International of Glendale

"Lori is a great motivational speaker and story teller!"

Siobhan McDaniel, Salisbury University


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