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Lori helps business women unclutter their lives, find their voice, follow their passion and GET what they want

Women's Speaker

If you want to inspire women to unclutter their lives, find their voice, follow their passion and GET what they want need motivational speaker Lori Hanson! She adds flavors that spice up your event. Make an impact on your attendees by bringing in a keynote speaker who motivates them to take action to begin a transformational journey.

Professional women in today's society struggle with work/life balance. By bringing in someone who is focused as a speaker on work/life balance coupled with success, you'll give them an opportunity to relieve their guilt, reduce stress, laugh awhile and new learn ways to ease their load.

Lori teaches women techniques to boost confidence, reduce stress, lead their "pack" confidently, get the results they really want, while honoring the SELF. She integrates holistic nutrition with a twist of healthy mindset to build a solid foundation for success.

She is candid, shares her unfiltered views on life with laughter and delivers stories through an open and honest heart.
Her love for animals is part of what makes her unique, she is the "Pack Leader for Empowerment."

Hire a dynamic, high energy motivational speaker and performer that will light up your audience. Her entertaining, thought provoking programs are perfect for conference keynotes, women's conferences, health care professionals, annual sales and management meetings.

“Give me 60 to 90 minutes and I’ll inspire your audience to unclutter their lives, find their voice,
follow their passion and GET what they want.” - Lori Hanson

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top 10 reasons to book Lori


Being the Alpha Female with Care, Compassion and Respect
(Signature Program)

Just because you're dominant, controlling and bitchy doesn't make you an alpha female! Most strong women lead multiple packs; work, home and community. But success doesn't always come from barking out orders and standing your ground. In this fun and lively program Lori sheds light on true alpha behavior and what it takes to lead your pack with care, compassion and respect for you and your pack members.
45-90 minutes

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • The benefits of building collaboration within the pack
  • Why caring for yourself first is essential to the success of the pack
  • How to be an authentic alpha female (it's not just emulating masculine behavior.)

This keynote is a wonderful way tto add humor, entertainment and straight talk to your event. Your audience will leave empowred, fired up and ready to take action.


ANYTHING is Possible: Once you upgrade your operating system

Are you living by the same principles and beliefs you were taught as a child? Early programming can weight you down and make it feel impossible to reach your dreams. Get the inspiration and tools needed to shift your life and mindset to achieve anything you want to. When you believe—anything is possible.
45-90 minutes

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • Three words that hold you back from reaching your goals
  • The 3-step process to upgrade your operating system
  • The secret ingredient to having confidence, success and passion

A highly inspirational keynote program for leadership events, corporate programs, sales meetings and women's conferences.


B. A. L. A. N. C. E. — Find out Where it is for ME

Aretha was great at asking for r.e.s.p.e.c.t. But women may find themselves asking for balance–just a little, which can be the difference in leading a healthy, content life.  Women often excel at nurturing everyone else, but are not so good  at finding, or maintaining any sort of balance in life. One of the biggest issues is managing priorities. Is it work, family, soccer practice, or caring for troubled teens and aging parents? Lori gets you laughing, and shows you how to get more satisfaction from your life.
45-90 minutes

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • Easy process to define and prioritize daily roles
  • The secrets to navigating insanity and putting yourself on the list
  • 7 ingredients to shift from overwhelmed to calm without food, alcohol or screaming

This keynote is a best served for events where balance, laughter and inspiration are required. Perfect for conferences and meetings for women, health professionals and corporate audiences.


Three Keys to Lighten up, Laugh More and Enjoy the Ride

Are you drowning under the load and pressure of everyday life, work, relationships and family responsibilities? How do you get it all done and stay sane? Do you really want to continue to live under the constant pressure to be perfect or would you like to add sanity to your daily life? In this program Lori shows you fun and easy ways to reduce stress, lighten up, sleep better, laugh more and enjoy the ride.
45-90 minutes

Your Organization Will Learn:

  • Simple strategies for learning how to lighten up
  • Practical tips for changing your perspective, mood and laughing more
  • Keys turning off your "worry motor" and just enjoying the ride

This keynote is a best added to the menu for wellness events and other programs where you need a new ingredient to inspire your audience.


All speeches are customized for the audience and event.

Partial Client List

  • Accenture
  • American Dental Association
  • Ball Aerospace Corporation
  • CenturyLink
  • Citrus Valley Health Partners
  • Colorado Real Estate Women
  • Covidien
  • Craig Hospital
  • CSG Systems
  • KeyBank
  • KMGH- Channel 7 News
  • McGraw Hill Companies
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Oracle
  • Sherman & Howard LLC
  • Soroptomists
  • The McGraw Hill Companies
  • Women's Vision Foundation
  • Zonta International



"We invited Lori to speak for our Women of Key Event and it was so empowering. She left the women empowered and grateful and they felt they could achieve almost anything.

The tips she gives will definitely help the women or young people in your organization. I had people come up to me and tell me at the end that they were going to buy Lori’s books to share with their family. If you are looking for someone to jump start and empower your team to get them going towards their goal then I highly recommend that you hire Lori Hanson. She is amazing!"

Debbie Trujillo
VP, Community Relations Director

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Lori giving Keynote on Reducing Stress

"The feedback has been incredibly positive. Thank you for reminding us to “balance. It was one of our best events!"

Buffy Ransom, VP, Oracle Software Support
Oracle Women's Leadership

"We were touched by your stories, challenged by your message and inspired to take action and create more balance in our lives.

Your balancing exercise provided a concrete method of putting your message into practice. Your talk was rich with wisdom to improve our lives. The seeds you planted will change us for the better and help us to realize our full potential."

Kathleen Haile, National President
CenturyLink Women

"Lori told stories that the women in the audience could absolutely relate to. They were many AHA moments that allowed the women to take ownership of their next steps. I highly recommend Lori to speak to your group to get them Citrus Valley Health Partnersthinking about “ANYTHING is possible."

Christine Daspro
Vice President, Membership and Programs
Women's Vision Foundation

“Lori’s approach to finding “Balance” was different. Her focus was to start from the inside out. Taking care of your personal well being so that you have all cylinders firing when you try to manage the multitude of demands on your time. What she said made perfect sense, starting with what you put into your body for fuel. It is something we have all heard, but Lori clearly illustrated how that is what connects the dots in finding Balance. Her enthusiasm and real life testimonial inspired the audience to take action in their own lives.”

Alison A. Medbery
Director of Business Management
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.

“Lori was a very engaging speaker and our women gained a lot from her stories and philosophies. Lori’s stories were both interesting and inspiring. As the coordinator of the event, I particularly appreciated Lori’s professionalism and attention to detail. She spent extra time tailoring the presentation to our audience and working with me in advance on logistics to ensure a seamless delivery.”

AccentureLeslie D. Pham,
Manager, eLearning

Citrus Valley Health Partners"If you can book Lori for your women's or community event it will be the BEST decision you make."

Dawn Cooper, RN, BSN,
Director Program Dev.,
Citrus Valley Health Partners

"Thank you so much for coming to CH2M HILL to present a seminar on stress and life balance. Many folks commented that they were able to apply your tips immediately to help manage stress in their lives! We look forward to having you back for presentations in the future."

Shayla Glendenning
Injury Prevention Specialist
CH2M HILL, Englewood, CO

“Lori Hanson is a dynamic speaker who shares her humor and compassion with her audiences. Her personal experiences and authentic approach quickly engage and captivate those she meets.”

Suzanne Broski
SVP Human Resources
CSG Systems

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