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Candida Remedies
This is a short list of effective Candida remedies:

Follow a Candida Diet

  • Support your system by eating blueberries daily for 6 to 12 months for a great natural dose of antioxidants
  • Contact Linda Phillips at The Green Herb for a powerful and effective herbal remedy. She practices in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, but is available nationally.
  • Contact Ann Boroch, Naturopath and Certified Nutritional Consultant, who practices in Studio City, California. Read Ann's book, The Candida Cure

  • Contact Dr. Caroline Smith is a Naturopath who practices in Denver, Colorado with an excellent approach to getting the body back in balance.
  • Call our office for more guidance and direction 877-650-HEAL.

For More information on Candida:
Visit The Yeast Connection Dr. William Crook was an early pioneer in this field who studied and researched and wote about Candida starting back in the eighties.

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