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Recommended Books and Audio Series
This page includes books on improving self-esteem, the power of intention, energy healing, diet, exercise and more...

Balancing Body Chemistry After 40
Highly recommended for my clients who have significantly depleted their bodies through years of stress, eating disorder behavior and more. Dr. Carolyn Smith provides the natural remedy you need that is specifically designed for your body.

Candida Remedies
Get the help you need to manage your Candida overgrowth. Replenish your energy, get the fog out of your brain and feel better!!

Energy Healing
This page provides information on Energy Healing.

Feng Shui

Elaine Giftos Wright is a great consultant. Learn more about the power of Feng Shui

Holistic Nutrition
Get great recipes, shakes and gourmet recipes from Brigitte Britton

Llearn more about Holosync meditation. This is for those of us with "busy, analytical brains." It completely changed my life.

Methods to Improve Self-Esteem
Great resources to help you improve your self-esteem.

The Dating Coach
Antoinette Cabral, "Attract the RIGHT man by embracing a Female Sensual Lifestyle"

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