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Learn2Balance Retreat in the Rockies
Time for your Tune up!

Whether it’s time for an oil change, fluid check, rotating the tires, or a full tune up, you have to do routine maintenance on your automobile if you want it to be dependable. If you don’t, your car has inconvenient ways of letting you know it’s overdue: like the moment you need to be
somewhere and you’re running late—it won’t start, you get a flat tire, and the engine overheats.

Our bodies function the same way, however, many of us seem to think we can’t take time out to do simple routine maintenance…slowing down and just “being.” We neglect to tune into our hearts, reconnect with our spirit and find the joy within us that will refresh and rejuvenate us for the next leg of the journey. If we don’t slow down, our bodies break down…and put us flat on our backsides until we get the message.

Instead of pushing until your body screams “Uncle!” check this out.

A personal invitation from Lori

Something really cool is happening April 27-29 and I want YOU to be a part of it.

It’s my Learn2Balance Women’s Retreat in the Rockies. This is an event I’ve been working on for four years: this rich and powerful weekend in the serene Colorado Rockies includes opportunities to pamper yourself, have fun and learn the secrets to taking a quantum leap towards
achieving your goals while maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

I’ve attended many events and seminars like this and I always make connections that empower and inspire me in ways I never imagined. I’ve
worked with clients across the nation by phone and in person, but there is nothing like the live connection and atmosphere that a group of
like-minded people creates. It is life-changing and transformational.

Picture this...

You arrive at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs and Spa and marvel at the expanse of mountains surrounding you. You bask in the soothing
environment with your daughter or girlfriend and quickly make new ones while you take advantage of a spa treatment (or two). The food is
delightful, healthy and prepared especially for you. The seminar and sessions challenge and empower you to create balance in all aspects of
your life. You get inspired and motivated to do some of those fun things you keep putting off because you’re “too busy.” The cooking class gives you easy recipe ideas for eating healthier at home. The evening social time by the fireplace creates new friendships you’ll treasure for a lifetime. The Tai Chi, spa treatments and creative exercises bring you freedom and connection with your inner child who giggles with delight.

When you leave you’ve enjoyed the fresh mountain air, rejuvenated your spirit and found new ways to connect with yourself—and others.
You’ve completed a transformational journey during this retreat to becoming more of the incredible woman you are from head to soul.

Learn2Balance Women’s Retreat in the Rockies
April 27-29, 2012

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Our weekend is organized into four segments

Friday afternoon – Get Connected
(We start at noon)

We’ll kick off the weekend with a session to get us grounded and ready to connect, or reconnect. We’ll share afternoon tea while my special guest, good friend, actress and women’s author Mara Purl shares her powerful insights on connecting from head and heart.

After Mara’s session you’ll have time for a spa treatment (reservations can be made in advance through the hotel) or take a group hike to get some fresh mountain air flowing through your lungs. We’ll finish the afternoon with a session on connecting with your inner beauty to lift you up and empower you.

Friday night – Fireside Chat
After dinner, we’ll enjoy a guided meditation and spend time by the fire with the other attendees.

Saturday morning – Find Your Balance
Morning exercise before breakfast is optional. You won’t want to miss my homemade granola! In our morning sessions we’ll explore the physical and mental aspects of finding your balance or reconnecting with it. We’ll spend time evaluating seven areas in life that need to be balanced and create a framework for making it happen. We’ll have a cooking class to explore some different foods to balance your meals and explore Tai Chi to balance the energy in your body.

Saturday afternoon – Feel It
After lunch, we’ll work through a powerful session that will connect you with your personal power and make it easier to act on those things you keep putting off. You’ll have the option of a second spa treatment or joining our creative workshop to experience the joy of simplicity and freedom of expression. Even if you don’t think you’re creative, you’ll enjoy this exercise.

Saturday Night Social
We’ve got a fun evening planned for Saturday night. Complete with games, music, dance, expression and story telling. This is where the real connections and friendships are made that will be invaluable to you.

Sunday morning – Take it Home
Sunday morning exercise is again optional, followed by breakfast. I’ll share another scrumptious recipe from my upcoming Learn2Balance cookbook.

After breakfast we’ll dig in to do some fine-tuning to ensure that everything you’ve learned will stick once you return home to the family, job or school. We’ll spend time clarifying your priorities and create specific goals and affirmations to bring them into your world quickly. And we’ll work through a process to help you continue to be authentic and remain true to your priorities and goals of staying connected and living with balance and joy each and every day.

We’ll have a final lunch together before heading back home to apply all the incredible things we’ve learned throughout the weekend.

Imagine How Good It Would Feel To….

  • Enjoy some down time where it will truly be “all about you.”
  • Clarify your vision and see new possibilities for your life, family and career.
  • Break through the blocks and barriers that have been keeping you from the results you want.
  • Improve your self-esteem, get a quantum leap on your life goals, feel empowered or learn to let go.
  • Create meaningful connections with like-minded people who want to collaborate and support.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and thoughts so that you can create the success you desire.
  • Create your personal-growth goals and plans that you can act upon as soon as you return home.
  • Know that I’m here to support you because I believe in you and all you want to accomplish and become.

Come find the rest, nurturing and quietude your mind and body deserve at our incredible Learn2Balance Women’s Retreat in the Rockies.

Say “yes” and join me in the Colorado Rockies! (after all, it’s just a girl’s getaway weekend)

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Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa

Joyful Journey Hot Springs Spa 719-256-4328
(Ask for the Learn2Balance discounted rate)

This incredible venue offers peace, serenity, spa treatments, delicious food and hot springs. You have the option of staying in a hotel room, or a Yurt, which is a true Colorado experience. The views in the San Luis Valley are incredible and will revitalize and refresh your soul,, my favorite part of being in the mountains.

All meals are included in your conference registration fee.

If you’re coming in from out of town, contact Ellen@Learn2Balance.com and she will help you coordinate to carpool with other attendees from the airport.

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Lori Hanson

Life balance expert and founder of Learn2Balance, Lori Hanson knows personally what it takes to create balance in life. Her battle with bulimia started at the young age of fourteen and continued into her forties.

Her low self-esteem propelled her into becoming a stressed out “Type A” corporate workaholic. As she struggled to find balance and happiness for almost 30 years, Lori, an amateur body-builder, established a deep understanding of diet, nutrition, exercise and alternative medicine and their effect on human behavior.

In 2008 Lori left the corporate world to share her story and pursue her passion of self-improvement and helping others create balance in their own lives.

Since then she hasn't slowed down.

  • She published her award-winning book It Started With Pop-Tarts® recounting her approach to recovery and finding a healthy lifestyle.
  • She continues to share tips for managing stress, improving nutrition and balancing lifestyle in her
    books Teen Secrets to Surviving &THRIVING and Stress Survival Kit for College Students, as well as through membership clubs and personal coaching.
  • Lori has appeared on radio and television programs internationally and has been featured in
    Essence, New Living Magazine, AFLV Connections, monthly newspaper columns, Wellsphere.com, Limitless Living.org, and numerous other publications, bringing awareness to the epidemic of stress, eating disorders and the risks of overloaded living.
  • She developed her coaching programs that embrace her powerful three-step process: Nutritional Therapy, Shifting Mindset and Healing at the Cellular Level. Lori works with individuals internationally with one-on-one coaching, tele-classes, webinars and home-study courses.
  • Sharing her inspirational personal story Lori has spoken at conferences, corporations, college campuses, and special-interest events nationwide--wherever people are seeking intelligent, practical, and entertaining ways to find balance in their lives. Lori tailors her important message to help all audiences improve their state of mind, make good choices, turn off the “auto-pilot” switch, reduce stress, empower themselves and…DARE to dream!

Mara Purl

Mara Purl is the award-winning author of The Milford-Haven Novels, which, collectively, have won fifteen literary awards. Her serial novels are uniquely structured to suit new media formats and have reopened a trail blazed by Charles Dickens. Yet it is with women Mara has truly found her U.S. market. She has a loyal following in the Women’s Fiction genre, and has become a spokeswoman both for authors and for readers of Women’s Fiction.

Mara’s novels are based on her successful radio drama Milford-Haven, U.S.A., the first environmental radio soap opera, and the only American radio soap ever licensed and broadcast by the BBC, where the show reached an audience of 4.5 million listeners throughout the U.K. Along with producing sixty episodes of her BBC show, Mara also produces and performs audio books. She won the silver Benjamin Franklin and the gold USA Book News Audio Fiction awards for performing the first two of her own novels. And most recently, she was awarded the San Francisco Book Festival and the Hollywood Book Festival Gold Audio Fiction awards for her performances of Spa Deadly and X’s by Louise Gaylord.

Purl is also the co-author, with Erin Gray, of Act Right: a Manual for the On-Camera Actor. It’s also an award-winner, and the authors are working on its second revised edition. Mara’s screen-writing includes The Meridian Factor, cowritten with Verne Nobles, 150 radio plays, scripts for Guiding Light, and a television adaptation of Milford-Haven cowritten with Katherine Shirek Doughtie.

As a journalist, Mara's writing credits include two cover stories for Rolling Stone, staff writing with the Financial Times (of London), and an Associated Press assignment to cover the Apollo Soyuz mission, where she was the youngest reporter ever to win the NASA pool position in Mission Control. She is a member of the Authors Guild and of the Writers Guild West.

As an actress, Mara’s regular role on the TV soap opera Days Of Our Lives opened the door for her to create her own soap. Mara was awarded the 2003 Peak Award for performing her one-woman play (co-written with Sydney Swire) Mary Shelley - In Her Own Words. Mara was named Woman of the Year by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women.

Mara’s rich artistic background includes growing up in Tokyo, Japan and a performing and literary degree from Bennington College. She is married to Dr. Larry Norfleet and lives in Los Angeles, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado. She is a long-time and frequent visitor to the Central Coast, and a frequent speaker at California and Colorado events.

Sasha, The Therapy Dog

An active participant in Lori’s coaching sessions, whether by phone or at the office. Sasha has a big heart, an ear for understanding and knows how and when to offer support, encouragement and playfulness to help clients reach their goals. She is an integral part of the team and will be on hand to offer her support throughout the weekend as only a Malamute can.


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